Finally, a Simple Solution to Heal your Gut

Gut Garden makes it easy to achieve optimal gut health in 30 days – and keep it that way.

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"I have been struggling with bloating and a lot of discomfort in my stomach. Eating better definitely helps but this just added that cherry on top! I have been taking it for a week straight now and can already feel the difference. Highly recommend."


"It's been such a long time since I haven't had to think about my stomach for any reason after I started taking this. I'm more regular and less gas."

Phylicia D

"I have IBS and the bloating, gas, etc. have all disappeared. Could not be happier with the results. Even my chronic heartburn has gone away."

Molly H

"I was having the hardest time being regular and this has been the most wonderful product to help, without adding any adverse side effects. No bloating, no uncomfortable cramping, just helps keep you regular, naturally."

Paula B

The Gut Garden Difference

Gut Garden is the world’s first supplement line based on functional medicine’s 5R approach to gut health. Optimal digestion is dependent on a number of different processes in the body and we have created a system to target each and every one of them. Just like a garden, your gut is a habitat, it needs to be nourished and cared for.

Trusted System

We are based on the 5R approach to gut health – a trusted system widely regarded as the gold standard by healthcare professionals.

Safety & Purity

All of our products are manufactured in the USA in cGMP facilities and are 3rd party tested for purity and potency


We make it easy to optimize your gut health and provide a simple roadmap for doing so.

Buy all five products and save.

Comes with step-by step instructions and a sample daily schedule. GoodGut Program always ships free and free returns.

Q: Why do I need a whole system? Why five products?

A: Think of your gut like a garden. In order to grow a healthy, abundant garden you will need to:

  • 1. Clean out the weeds
  • 2. Prepare the soil
  • 3. Plant the seeds
  • 4. Fertilize; and
  • 5. Protect from outside invaders
Gut Garden Program

How It Works

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digestive enzymes gut garden supplement betaine hcl pepsin capsules
perfect probiotic gut garden delayed release capsules supplement
collagen peptides gut garden supplement grass fed pasture raised

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Message from the founder

"In the end I'm happy to have reclaimed my health, but I'm left wondering why it took so long. The truth is that there are so many people walking around that simply don’t feel well."

Gut Garden Program

One afternoon at the doctor, I sat and listened as he rattled off my diagnoses: prediabetes, hypothyroidism, hormone dysregulation, and a host of nutrient deficiencies that *might* explain my chronic fatigue, extra belly fat, hives, joint pain and brain fog. "You're just getting older," he told me; "this is a natural consequence of aging." I was 31.

Years earlier, following a course of antibiotics, my stomach began to regularly blow up like I was 5 months pregnant. I had a constipated, gassy, "never empty" feeling that I couldn't shake. Nothing helped and I was ultimately told that it was all in my head. I lived with that discomfort as my "new normal" for many years.

What I didn’t know then is that when my body fell apart at age 31, it was because of the digestive issues that had plagued me for years. You see, the gut has a hand in nearly every bodily process - it contains 80% of our immune cells, manufactures mood-boosting serotonin, extracts nutrients from food, regulates hormones and insulin, balances our metabolism, and even helps us sleep. As we like to say "what happens in the gut does not stay in the gut."

My happy ending began when I discovered functional medicine's 5R approach to gut health. It is a systemic approach to healing the gut step-by-step and considered the gold standard among many health practitioners. After years and years of feeling sick, I felt better within weeks.

Gut Garden’s GoodGut Program is based on this 5R approach - it's what I wish existed when I was sick – an easy to follow roadmap to healing the gut, and with it – the entire body - that works.

--Lily Berman Lopez
Founder and CEO, Gut Garden

Signs of an Unhealthy Gut

What happens in the gut does NOT stay in the gut
Digestive <br> Issues Like Gas, <br>Bloating and <br> ConsTipation

Issues Like Gas,
Bloating and

Mood Issues <br> Like Depression, <br> Stress and <br> Anxiety

Mood Issues
Like Depression,
Stress and

Skin Problems <br> Like Acne, <br> Eczema and <br> Rosacea

Skin Problems
Like Acne,
Eczema and

Vitamin and <br> mineral <br> Deficiency

Vitamin and

Inflammation <br> Related to <br> Autoimmune <br> Conditions

Related to

Weight Gain

Weight Gain

Sugar and <br> Carbohydrate <br> Cravings

Sugar and



Fatigue and <br> Low energy

Fatigue and
Low energy

"The Gut Garden Protocol is my go-to as a Holistic Nutritionist when healing the gut."

-Jacquie Smith, Little Adapts by Jax

wise and well

"Our clients have seen massive improvements in everything from digestive function to skin changes to hormone optimization and they and we couldn't be happier with Gut Garden!"

- Kristin and Maria, Wise+Well

Buy all five products and save.

Comes with step-by step instructions and a sample daily schedule. GoodGut Program always ships free and free returns.

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