Gut Garden Brand Ambassadors: Meet Lily!

Every now and then we highlight the stories of people who have been positively affected by Gut Garden. We call these people our brand ambassadors! Since this is our first time, we think the most important person to highlight is Lily, our Founder!

Gut Garden was founded in 2016 by Lily Berman Lopez. Our work is informed by Lily’s experience with chronic digestive issues that began around 2006. After visiting numerous experts who failed to determine a cause, Lily accepted the diagnosis of IBS and the digestive distress that became her “new normal.” But as the years passed, Lily began experiencing more symptoms of ill health, such as blood sugar swings, swollen joints, hormonal imbalances, hives, nutritional deficiencies, and brain fog. 

Lily began to suspect that all of her health problems stemmed from the unresolved digestive illness, and in 2014 took her health into her owns hands. Lily’s research into the best supplements to heal her gut led to more questions than answers.  Many products claimed and even appeared to be to be effective, but a closer look often turned up artificial flavors and sweeteners – ingredients that have no place in a healing protocol. Probiotics manufacturers appeared to take a “shotgun” approach, packing a ton of different bacterial strains into a pill with no research or scientific studies to back up their health claims.

In 2016 Lily decided to quit her job in marketing and start Gut Garden – a maker of premium research-based intestinal health supplements.  At Gut Garden we believe that every added ingredient is an opportunity to either detract from your health or improve it. Our products are made using only ultra-pure source ingredients that provide a direct health benefit – we never use preservatives, fillers, colorings, or flavorings.  With her health restored, Lily is passionate about helping others achieve vibrant health.

Ready to experience the same vibrant health? Check out our Gut Garden products now!

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