Our Favorite Finds at Paleo f(x) 2017


Gut Garden was super excited to be an exhibitor at this year’s Paleo f(x) Conference in Austin. Since our launch in November 2016, we have been an exclusively online business, so this was our first chance to get out and talk to customers face-to-face about our Resistant Starch product. It could not have gone better! Thank you to everyone that stopped by the booth. We can’t wait to do it again next year!

Going into the conference, we didn’t know what to expect. We were nervous and so focused on putting Gut Garden’s best foot forward, but by far the best surprise was meeting all of the other exhibitors! Read on for our 5 favorite finds:

  1. Bonafide Provisions. We had the pleasure of being in the booth right next to these guys. You may have seen their organic bone broths in the freezer section at your local Whole Foods. Their latest offering is a line of vegetable drinks that combine pureed vegetables with gut friendly collagen protein from bone broth – a genius idea! So far they have developed 5 flavors and they are all amazing – our favorite is Renew, a blend of red pepper, tomato, lemon, celtic sea salt, burdock root (for gut healthy fiber!), and of course, bone broth. These will be available nationwide in July – we can’t wait!

  2. PRE Brands. We’d been enjoying PRE Brands’ 100% grass fed beef since even before the conference so it was especially great to meet them and learn more about their products. We’ll be honest – we know grassfed beef is healthier, but sometimes it can be tough. Not this stuff – it tastes tender and restaurant quality every time. Even better (no bias we swear!) - they are a fellow Chicago company headquartered just down the road from Gut Garden’s offices! 

  3. 4505 Chicharrones. In a word, these are incredible. 4505 Chicharrones are the first all-natural, humanely raised pork rind to market and they come in 3 flavors – Classic Chile and Salt (our favorite!), Jalapeno and Cheddar, and Smokehouse BBQ. Definitely one of the best things we ate all weekend – we kept coming back for more. It didn’t hurt that we wanted to be best friends with everyone on their team.

  4. Siete Family Foods. These guys win the award for best logo and branding – we loved it so much we even begged them to sell us one of their hats! Siete is a family company run by seven (get it?) members of the Garza family that creates delicious grain free tortillas and tortilla chips. Check out their website for the heartwarming story of how they got started.

  5. Caveman Coffee. A special shoutout to Caveman Coffee for keeping all the exhibitors, speakers and attendees caffeinated all weekend. A winning combination of a friendly team and great coffee! Check out their website for retail locations near you or sign up for a mail order subscription.

    That’s a wrap on Paleo f(x) – until next year!!



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