About Us

Our Founder

"The truth is that there are so many people walking around that simply don’t feel well. We felt there needed to be an easy-to-follow roadmap to relieving digestive symptoms."

- Founder Lily Berman Lopez

Gut Garden was founded in 2016 by Lily Berman Lopez in response to her own long journey restoring her gut health. You can read her story here.

Functional Medicine Approach

Our five products are designed to be used in conjunction with one another in a 30 day system called the GoodGut Program. They are available as a bundle and are also sold separately. They are based on the functional medicine 5R approach to gut health.

Gut Garden's 5 steps to optimal gut health are:

  • FEED


Our mission is to bring the functional medicine approach to gut health to as many people as possible.

Gut Garden is committed to healing your gut while restoring and bringing balance to your digestive system. We exist to help the millions of people who just don't feel well and cannot pin-point what is causing their chronic digestive symptoms.