The human gut contains over 500 species of microorganisms (1) and 70% of the immune system's cells (2). In perfect balance, gut bacteria is responsible for warding off disease and is involved in the synthesis of vital nutrients, including Vitamin K, Biotin, Vitamin B12, Folic Acid, and Thiamine (3). In addition, 90% of the body's feel-good chemical serotonin is created by gut bacteria (4)! 

Unfortunately modern lifestyle factors such as antibiotic use, dietary factors, and stress have a detrimental effect on the microbiome and promote "bad" bacteria over the beneficial strains (5). Over 40 diseases are linked to bacterial imbalance including diabetes, Crohn's, rheumatoid arthritis, autism, and cancer, among others (6, 7).


What are the benefits of Gut Garden's Resistant Starch?

Prebiotics such as Gut Garden's Resistant Starch Prebiotic Fiber Blend work to "feed" your beneficial strains of bacteria to optimize your microbial ecosystem. Each serving of Gut Garden's blend contains 12 grams of raw potato starch  - one of the highest concentrations of resistant starch of any food-based source.


Researchers have discovered a number of benefits of resistant starch, here is Gut Garden's Top 8:

  • Feeds healthy bacteria (8) and flushes the bad (9)
  • Contributes to weight loss (10)
  • Improves fasting blood sugar (11) and blood sugar in response to meals (12, 13)
  • Eliminates toxins (14)
  • Enhances sleep quality (15)
  • Decreases intestinal permeability and repairs "leaky gut" (16, 17, 18)
  • Increases nutrient absorption (19)
  • Lessens the risk of colon cancer (20)


Soluble Fiber Blend

The type of resistant starch found in potato starch has been shown to be much more effective when paired with a variety of soluble fibers (21). Different strains of bacteria prefer different forms of fiber, and a diverse microbiome is a healthy microbiome (22). 

"Gut Garden's Resistant Starch Prebiotic Fiber Blend is the only resistant starch supplement on the market with 4 varieties of soluble fiber."


Glucomannan- A soluble, fermentable dietary fiber that is derived from the root of the konjac plant. Glucomannan has been shown to control appetite, reduce cholesterol and lower blood sugar, aiding in weight loss (23). 


Larch Arabinogalactan - A naturally occurring polysaccharide from larch trees, larch arbinogalactan is a soluble, fermentable fiber that has been shown to enhance the immune system and increase quantities of healthy bacteria (24). 


Acacia Senegal - A complex polysacchride that has been shown to regulate the digestive system and reduce body fat (25).


Chicory Root Inulin - A naturally occurring soluble fiber that enhances digestion (26) and promotes healthy blood sugar levels (27). 

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