Resistant Starch Prebiotic Fiber Blend - Wholesale - Case of 12

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About Gut Garden's Exclusive Blend:

  • Gut Garden is a COMPLETE RESISTANT STARCH DIETARY SUPPLEMENT: Gut Garden is the only resistant starch product on the market with 4 SOLUBLE fiber types. Resistant starch has been shown to work best when paired with a diverse array of other soluble fibers.
  • RESISTANT STARCH - contains 12 grams of unmodified potato starch - one of the highest concentrations of resistant starch of any food-based source.
  • A COMPLETE SERVING EACH TIME: Gut Garden includes 13 grams of FIBER, 12 grams of unmodified potato starch and contains 4 complete soluble fibers to support bacterial diversity - Glucomannan, Acacia Senegal, Chicory Root Inulin and Larch Arabinogalactan.
  • GUT GARDEN is ALL NATURAL, NON- GMO, unflavored, unsweetened with no colors or preservatives.